Arab democracy best answer to fanatics: France's Sarkozy

3rd May 2011, Comments 0 comments

The arrival of democracy in Arab countries is the best response to "fanatics", French President Nicolas Sarkozy was quoted as saying Tuesday following the killing of Al-Qaeda supremo Osama bin Laden.

"We must support the emergence of democracy in Arab countries with all our might," Sarkozy told Wednesday's edition of L'Express news weekly in an interview, highlights of which were published Tuesday.

"This will be the best response to these fanatics who also feed on the absence of freedom of expression," he said after US forces killed Bin Laden in Pakistan on overnight Sunday.

"The Arab street that is calling for democracy and non-violence is the best news for democracies, and the worst for obscurantists," he said.

"The years of negative energy and frustrations accumulated by these youthful and pressured societies will disappear as democracy takes root, generating growth and economic progress."

Revolts this year have resulted in democratic reforms in several Arab nations. The largely peaceful protests are perceived as having stolen the thunder of Islamist groups such as Al-Qaeda that would rather target the West.

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