An Expatica France Holiday Photo Album

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France really is a Winter Wonderland for these expats. Wishing you a Bonne année — in pictures!



Street musicians in the Latin Quarter, Paris.
Submitted by: Richard Highfield (Australian, working for the OECD and living in Paris since April 2003)





Snow in the Jardins du Ranelagh, Paris.
Submitted by: Richard Highfield





The Cinnabar's current homeport
Submitted by: Ed Fitzsimmons & Julie Swisshelm (Americans, now living at the Arsenal Marina next to the Bastille in Paris. This couple has been traveling the world in this 12-metre sailboat for the past nine years.)





Sapin with snowflakes
Submitted by: Shirley Howard (American interior decorator, now living in Sannois outside Paris)





Oysters on the beach in Normandy
Submitted by: R.L. Hancock (American, living in Rouen)





A Christmas card from Rouen
Submitted by: R.L. Hancock 





From the NEDDI donkey sanctuary in Questrecques, near Boulogne sur Mer.
Submitted by: Claire Belton (Address not submitted)





Untouched snow in Obersteigen outside Strasbourg
Submitted by: Rita Loyd (former expat, recently returned to Texas)



We thank everyone who submitted their photos, both for your effort and  for the quality of your pictures. If you too would like to share what France means to you, please send us your digital photograph (of reasonable resolution) and we'll look at it for posting to another upcoming Expatica France Photo Album. Any subject is interesting, as long as it evokes something special and unique about your life in France.

If you have a photo you'd like to share, send it to:

Please briefly explain where and why you took the picture, include the full spelling of your name and the name of your town in France. (Also your home country!)

December 2005

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