Study in France: Emlyon Business School offers new gastronomy workshops with Institut Paul Bocuse

Study in France: Emlyon Business School offers new gastronomy workshops with Institut Paul Bocuse

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Study in France: MBA students at Emlyon Business School will now be able to experience French culinary culture in gastronomy workshops offered by the Institut Paul Bocuse. [Contributed by Emlyon Business School.]

For all its programmes, Emlyon Business School offers students the means and environment for the best learning experience possible, and will now offer gastronomy workshops with Institut Paul Bocuse. Foreign students looking to study abroad in France can now choose from one of the best workshops to complement their MBA.

When embarking on an MBA journey, students tend to choose countries that are not only a good choice economically and for the job market, but which also interest them culturally. Studying in France can certainly offer certain benefits.

The French culture is certainly known for its culinary delights, and with Lyon being the heart of French gastronomy, loosen your belts and prepare to experience France at its best.

Study in France: Emlyon gastronomy

Paul Bocuse, one of the most celebrate chefs in the world who hails from Lyon, is globally recognised for his influential contributions to French gastronomy. In 1990, Paul Bocuse opened the prestigious Institut Paul Bocuse, a world renowned hospitality and restaurant management school in Lyon.

The full-time International MBA at Emlyon Business School is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Institut Paul Bocuse, where students will now have the opportunity to undertake a course to brush up on their knowledge of French culture and cuisine throughout the MBA. Throughout this course, students will:

  • Study the history of gastronomy in France and ‘l’art de la table’
  • Learn how to craft signature French dishes
  • Pastry tasting
  • Oenology course (or for those who prefer, coffee and tea tastings)
  • Cheese tasting

Each module will go for three hours, providing you with an overview of the richness of French culture and skills that participants can boast not only to family and friends, but also future employers when they ask about their experience studying in Lyon. 

Learn more about the programme.

Contributed by Emlyon Business School

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