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EnglishWaves.fr, the first French radio station that speaks English!

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News, chronicles, comedy: EnglishWaves is a “100 percent talk” radio station in France that talks exclusively about the country, but in English. [Contributed by EnglishWaves]

The French radio station is free and available on both PC and Mac, as well as on smartphones and tablets via the free EnglishWaves app for Android, iPhone and Windows. You can listen to our English radio station — in France and about France — anytime and anywhere thanks to an internet or mobile phone connection at home, on public transport and at the office!

All the presenters and journalists are native English speakers from England, the US and Canada, among other countries, providing a wide range of accents.

News about France in English

EnglishWaves produces three news bulletins a day, which are broadcast every half an hour: morning, lunchtime and evening. The bulletins are centred on France, allowing all non-Francophones living in France to listen, in English, to news about the country in which they live.

In between the news bulletins, EnglishWaves broadcasts programmes based on 20 general interest themes: culture, economics, politics, comedy, music, travel, the environment, health, new technology, coaching, cooking and more. Most of these programmes, completely produced by EnglishWaves, draw their inspiration from the news and current events.

All the programmes broadcast during the week can be replayed for free on the station’s website.

News about France in English

A complement to radio: the educational services of EnglishWaves

English is the most widely spoken language by expats, but not all expats are native English speakers. A significant number of them want to improve their English. For this purpose, EnglishWaves is a unique solution.

The radio station’s website offers its subscribers innovative educational services

  • The ability to listen to the live radio and podcasts, slowed down with no distortion 
  • Scripts for all the radio programmes, six of which have a vocabulary and pronunciation guide  
  • Podcasts recorded by native speakers from the US, Ireland, England, China and India

Subscribers can also access four weeks of archives and get answers to linguistic questions within 24 hours.

EnglishWaves allows you to progress in English while staying on top of French news!



Contributed by EnglishWaves

Radio station in France

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