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Top 10 French foods – with recipes

Top 10 French foods – with recipes


French food is known globally for its finesse and flavour. Guide your palette through this list of top 10 French foods, with do-it-yourself recipes from the French cuisine.

Facts France

30 interesting facts about France


From having the world's oldest ever living human to being the world's most visited country, read about the most interesting facts about France.

Cost of living in France

Cost of living in France – how much does it cost?

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How much does it cost to live in France? Add up the numbers to see if France's cost of living – or the cost of living in Paris – is affordable and what budget you need to cover France's cost of living.

expat forum - expat network

Expatica's 2017 Expat Survey – win an EUR 25 Amazon gift card!


Millions of people become expatriates every year. Global expat forum Expatica wants to find out just who makes up this vast expat network and how we can improve current services for internationals. Help us help you by filling out our survey and enter a draw for an Amazon voucher.

French festivals

Top French festivals 2017


Be surprised by the wide array of top French festivals that celebrate religion, art, chocolate, citrus, wine, film, music and even puppets. See the top festivals in France in 2017, including trendy French music festivals and colourful French celebrations.

French holidays: French national holidays and important dates 2017


Here is a list of French holidays in 2017, including regional and French national holidays plus other important holidays in France, such as French school holidays, daylight saving and Mother's and Father's Day.

Emergency numbers in France and support helplines


What emergency numbers should you call in France? Our guide to French emergency medical or crime-related numbers and non-medical helplines for lost property and general enquiries will prepare you for the worst should you encounter any pressing emergencies or require any help in France.

French social security

French social security – and how to claim your benefits

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This guide explains what you need to know about the French social security system: who has to pay, how much, what is covered and how to claim your benefits

Driving in France

A guide to driving and parking in France


For drivers in France, here's a guide to French road rules, importing a car, and whether you need to exchange your foreign driver's licence for a French one.

French politics

The French political system


A short guide to finding your way around the very confusing French political system.

Crime in Paris

Crime and the legal system in France


Can you pinpoint a pick pocket in France? Know the French legal system, including common crimes in France and where to be most cautious.

France transportation

France facts: Transportation


The facts on transportation in France.

France facts

France facts: Communications


The facts on communications in France.

France facts: economy

France facts: Economy


Facts about the economy in France.

French government

France facts: Government


The facts on the government of France.

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