Zapatero promises prudent fight against terror

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28 November 2005, CALVIA - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said his government would remain "prudent and optimistic" in its effort to eliminate terrorist violence.

28 November 2005

CALVIA - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said his government would remain "prudent and optimistic" in its effort to eliminate terrorist violence.

Zapatero was in Calvia, on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, to attend the inauguration of a high level U.N. group's work to find solutions to the growing disagreements between East and West.

At a press conference, which he attended with Turkish prime minister Recep Tayip Erdogan, Zapatero said that he would continue to maintain an attitude of "prudence and optimism" as he worked to eliminate all forms of terrorism.

The Basque terrorist group ETA on Thursday in a communique urged international organizations to take the necessary measures to reach a "negotiated outcome" to the so-called "Basque conflict."

ETA has killed more than 800 persons since the 1960s in its violent effort to carve an independent Basque state out of portions of northern Spain and southwestern France.

On 17 May, the lower house of Spain's parliament authorized Zapatero's administration to open a dialogue with ETA if the group renounced its use of violence. The Socialist government's motion to contact ETA was supported by all parties in Parliament except for the conservative Popular Party. EFE

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