Zapatero marks 100 days in power

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26 July 2004, MADRID – The Socialist government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero reached Monday its first 100 days in power.

26 July 2004

MADRID – The Socialist government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero reached Monday its first 100 days in power.

The Socialists claimed they had already fulfilled a series of election promises.

But critics have claimed the new government have spent their first 100 days in power simply dismantling the policies of the previous administration.

They withdrew Spanish troops from Iraq, stopped the National Hydrological Plan and abolished the planned link between religious teaching and state schools.

Zapatero has changed the position of Spain the world, cutting alliances built up by previous prime minister Jose Maria Aznar and the US.

Zapatero has also positioned Spain closer to France and Germany in Europe, especially after the troop withdrawal from Iraq.

His acceptance of the principle of "double majority" over the proposed European Union Constitution also helped to bring Spain closer to these states.

Zapatero also claimed a new relationship with Morocco after a meeting with King Mohammed VI in April , particularly over the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration.

The controversy over the Yak-42 disaster changed how Spain deals with sending troops to fight abroad.

In May last year, in Spain's worst peacetime military aircraft crash, 62 peacekeeping troops were killed in Turkey while travelling in an outdated ex-Soviet Yak-42 aircraft on their way back from Afghanistan.

Zapatero decided to consult parliament about sending troops anywhere after a series of embarrassing revelations surrounding the Yak-42 crash. 

The Socialists are planning to introduce a tougher law to crack down on domestic violence, with harsher jail terms against attackers, specialist courts and positive discrimination in favour of women victims.

They also plan in to bring in gay marriages and give gay couples the right to adopt, despite criticism from the Church.

Over its promise to provide 180,000 affordable homes for Spaniards as prices show no signs of falling, the Socialists have opted to promote renting homes.

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