Waxwork princess gets new nose

10th October 2008, Comments 0 comments

After Princess Letizia’s plastic surgery, Madrid’s Wax Museum changes her statue.

10 October 2008

MADRID -- Princess Letizia's new look after undergoing plastic surgery, allegedly to correct a breathing problem with her nose, prompted directors at Madrid's Museo de Cera (Wax Museum) to also change her statue.
"After the operation she had in August, it's clear that she has changed a lot, and that her features are very different. For that reason we are also going to operate", Wax Museum spokesman Gonzalo Presa announced earlier in October.
According to the royal household, Letizia's doctors recommended the surgery in order to correct a deviated septum that was causing her breathing problems. At the same time she also underwent a rhinoplasty to reduce the size of her nose. Some media think that she also had surgery on her chin and to reduce wrinkles.

The transformation was so complete that satirical magazine “El Jueves” claimed on its front cover that her husband Crown Prince Felipe was seen with another woman - a daring act, given that two of its reporters were fined for portraying Felipe and Letizia in a sexual position in 2007.

Out of public view

Princess Letizia’s surgery was performed immediately after she returned from the Olympics in Beijing, during a period in which she had no official public appearances. However, her private recovery was cut short by the 20 August crash of a Spanair plane at Madrid airport, prompting Felipe and his wife to visit survivors.
Soon afterward, the Madrid Wax Museum began working on changing its statue of the princess. "We've had to make a new mould", Presa says. "When it's ready we will take off the head of the statue and replace it with the new one", he added.
The museum's goal is to have the "new" Letizia on display for 5 November, the fifth anniversary of her engagement to the prince.

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