Unesco may remove park's biosphere status

2nd June 2008, Comments 0 comments

Unesco is accusing the Tablas de Daimiel of poor management which has turned the valuable wetlands into a virtual desert.

2 June 2008

MADRID - Unesco is threatening to stop considering the Tablas de Daimiel national park a world biosphere reserve because of poor management that has allowed the valuable wetlands to turn into a virtual desert.

Thousands of wells, many of them illegal, have been depleting precious resources from what is considered to be one of the 14 most important natural reserves in Spain, and scientists want to send the government a message that this is not acceptable.

"If we allow anything to be certified as a biosphere reserve, then the certification will lose its value," said sources at the Unesco Scientific Council, which has drawn up a report recommending that the Castilla-La Mancha national park lose its biosphere reserve status or, alternatively, that Spain be given an ultimatum to reverse the situation by 2015.

[El Pais / Rafael Mendez / Expatica]

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