US asks Spain for help in wake of Katrina

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5 September 2005, MADRID — The United Status ambassador to Spain has asked Madrid for food, petrol and medical assistance in tackling the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

5 September 2005

MADRID — The United Status ambassador to Spain has asked Madrid for food, petrol and medical assistance in tackling the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Eduadro Aguirre met with Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos to ask for petrol, military rations, batteries and medical teams.

Spain has promised to provide "everything possible" to alleviate the aftermath of the devastation caused by the hurricane a week ago. 

Meanwhile, a week after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Spaniards caught up in the ferocious storm were returning to their country after being evacuated from the ruined city.

Josep Fuste and Clara Diez and their son, Aitor, arrived back in Barcelona on Sunday.

Aitor Fuste, 18, said: "There was police everywhere but they were just giving lifts and not attending to anyone. There was no such thing as civil authority."

A Spanish priest, however, said he would stay behind with his parishioners in the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Diplomatic officials said the family of Spanish deputy Lourdes Muñoz Santamaria, who were also evacuated from New Orleans and were staying in Houston, before returning home later.

But a Spanish priest, the pastor at New Orleans' Santa Teresa of Avila Church, has expressed his desire to remain in the city despite the ongoing problems with contaminated flood waters.

A Spanish student who was on holiday in New Orleans and trapped there after the storm, is still waiting to be evacuated so she can return to Spain.

Authorities, meanwhile, continued trying to locate more Spaniards that may have been left behind in the devastated city.

The Spanish Red Cross is to send a team of experts to assist its US counterpart in transporting supplies to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

In a statement, the organization said the Spanish team, consisting of between four and 10 specialists in the delivery of supplies, could travel to the south-eastern United States.

The American Red Cross has solicited the help of between 50 and 70 of these specialists.

The Spaniards will assist the American Red Cross in the transport, storage and distribution of supplies for victims of the catastrophe.

The Spanish government announced it will make available, at the request of the International Energy Agency, 70,000 barrels of crude oil per day for 30 days to mitigate the effect of Hurricane Katrina on US oil supplies.

That amount is equivalent to 2 percent of Spain's strategic oil reserves.

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