US Democrat campaign arrives in Spain

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9 September 2004, MADRID- The sister of US Democrat candidate John Kerry brought the campaign to Spain Thursday.

9 September 2004

MADRID- The sister of US Democrat candidate John Kerry brought the campaign to Spain Thursday.

Diana Kerry, who chairs the Americans Overseas for Kerry-Edwards' (AOK) ticket for her brother, kicked off a two-day visit to encourage Spanish-based US citizens to vote in November.

Diana Kerry called on US citizens everywhere to "work hard so John is elected as president, not because he is my brother but because we need his leadership.

"Voting is a right and an enormous responsibility because the future of the world is at stake."

Later, Kerry was to address students at Alcala de Henares University just outside Madrid before attending an evening reception in the capital.

On Friday she will hold a press conference before going on to the north-eastern city of Barcelona.

With incumbent US President George W Bush having won the 2000 election by the thinnest of margins for the Republicans, the Democratic camp is doing all it can to take its message to the farthest-flung corners of the world and make every vote count.

Both parties have set up websites ( for the Democrats and for the Republicans) to allow foreign-based US citizens, numbered at some 4.5 million worldwide, to vote on 2 November.

According to US Bureau of Consular Affairs statistics some 60,000 Americans were registered in Spain in 2001 but the number is now estimated at nearer 90,000.

Many more were thought to be living in Spain but not registered with the authorities.

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