Suspect: murder "a joke that went too far"

21st October 2008, Comments 0 comments

Two men who killed a homeless woman in 2005 said they had only meant to scare her.

21 October 2008

BARCELONA -- Two men accused of killing a homeless woman while they were teenagers told a court Monday in Barcelona that her death was the result of a joke that "went too far."

Consistently referring to the victim, Rosario Endrinal, as Mrs Endrinal, the suspects said their intention had been to scare her but "never cause her harm".

In December 2005, the two men tormented her in the bank doorway where she had been sleeping. The attack happened in Sarria, one of Barcelona's most exclusive areas.

They said that an already-convicted friend who was a juvenile at the time had been responsible for pouring gasoline over her and setting her alight. The friend has been sentenced to eight years in jail.

Their actions were recorded by the bank video

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