Spanish men have "inferior" semen

3rd October 2008, Comments 0 comments

A study reveals that young Spanish males, especially in the north, have low sperm counts.

3 October 2008

MADRID -- A study reveals that 57.8 percent of young male Spaniards produce lower-quality semen than doctors consider normal, which may lead to difficulty having children or require fertility treatment later in life.

The study, conducted by the Marqués Assisted Reproduction Institute, collected 1,239 semen samples from young men between ages 18 and 30 in 60 fertility centres throughout Spain. More than half of the samples revealed low sperm counts.

Samples taken in Galicia, Andalusia and Madrid were the highest quality, while Valencia, Catalonia and the Basque Country were the lowest scorers.

Researchers believe the difference is caused by industry concentrated in the lower-scoring areas.

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