Spain's Zapatero voices concern over Ecuador uprising

1st October 2010, Comments 0 comments

Spain's prime minister Friday voiced concern over the police uprising in Ecuador and its possible implications for other parts of Latin America, but welcomed the return of normality to the country.

"It's worrying because we have had two decades in Latin America without any attempt of this type," Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told Spanish National Radio.

He mentioned last year's coup in Honduras, but noted it was "returned to legality, in inverted commas" with elections.

"It would be very serious if another country, such as Ecuador, had a similar type of experience," he said.

"So the international community must react with forcefulness so that democracy is respected in Latin America and in all countries, especially in a country like Ecuador which has gone through so many difficult years to strengthen its situation."

Ecuador President Rafael Correato made a triumphant return to the presidential palace late Thursday after loyalist troops rescued him from a police rebellion.

The Red Cross said two police were killed and 37 people wounded in the operation that freed Correa from the National Police Hospital after 12 hours under siege by rebel police who he said wanted to kill him.

"Fortunately, it seems that the situation has been resolved with the intervention of the army, which was loyal to the democratically elected government," Zapatero said.

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