Spain sends aid to help Pakistan and Guatemala

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11 October 2005, MADRID — The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) has sent cargo planes carrying humanitarian aid to Pakistan and Guatemala.

11 October 2005

MADRID —  The Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECI) has sent cargo planes carrying humanitarian aid to Pakistan and Guatemala.

The flights - to Pakistan on Monday and Guatemala on Tuesday - were announced by the AECI's chief, Leire Pajin, who did not rule out additional shipments in the coming days or weeks.

Pajin met on Sunday with the ambassadors of El Salvador and Guatemala here to verify information received by Madrid from the region affected by Hurricane - and later Tropical Storm - Stan this past week.

Hundreds are known to have died in the storm's massive flooding.

She also met to coordinate the shipment of aid to Vietnam and Pakistan, both of which also suffered natural disasters this past week in which thousands have been killed.

A typhoon hit Vietnam on Wednesday and the AECI, through its technical office in the region and the Red Cross, "has taken action right from the start and has attended to the families affected. At this time, we are evaluating if more aid is necessary".

The plane sent to Guatemala - the Central American country most affected by Stan - will be loaded primarily with basic goods, including generators and emergency kits, while the shipment to Pakistan was accompanied by teams specializing in rescuing people from collapsed buildings.

Pajin told reporters that the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck Pakistan, India and Afghanistan on Saturday had been of "enormous, brutal" proportions and that there were still populated areas that were inaccessible in its wake. The latest reports from the region indicate that the death toll tops 20,000.

The humanitarian shipment to Pakistan "will give priority to ... sanitary and emergency items," said Pajin, adding that AECI and assorted NGOs have been working in Central America for many years and have established a good infrastructure and personnel network there.

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