Spain reports more than 12,000 new swine flu cases

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Spain's health ministry estimated that 12,270 people, mostly teenagers and young adults, contracted swine flu in the country.

Madrid - Spain's health ministry estimated Friday that 12,270 people, mostly teenagers and young adults, contracted swine flu in the country between 27 July and 2 August.

"Practically all of the cases have evolved favourably, with the affected people recovering in a few days with conventional treatments," it said in its latest bulletin on the evolution of the disease posted on its website.

The ministry no longer gives a total number of confirmed cases of the A(H1N1) virus, providing instead an estimate of new cases based on medical reports from a representative sample of the population.

Spain had 1,806 confirmed cases of the virus, the ministry said in its previous bulletin on 27 July before it changed its method of tracking the illness.

There were 36 cases of swine flu per 100,000 people in Spain during the one-week period covered by the most recent report, compared to 72 in Britain, 66 in Belgium and 48 in France, the health ministry added.

On Tuesday, a 35-year-old woman who was suffering from other chronic illnesses became the eighth confirmed fatality linked to swine flu in Spain.

Last month, Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez announced plans to vaccinate up to 40 percent of Spain's population of around 46 million people against swine flu.

The first to benefit will be health workers and others in essential services, pregnant women, children under age 14 and people suffering from illnesses such as cardiovascular or respiratory diseases that put them at a higher risk.

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