Spain gets first sight of La Infanta Leonor

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7 November 2005, Copyright Television Espanola TVEMADRID — Spain finally got its first sight of La Infanta Leonor, daughter of Princess Letizia and Crown Prince Felipe.

7 November 2005

Copyright Television Espanola TVE

MADRID — Spain finally got its first sight of La Infanta Leonor, daughter of Princess Letizia and Crown Prince Felipe.

Princess Letizia, who gave birth to her first child, Leonor, a week ago, left the private hospital where she has been recovering with her daughter.

She said: "You cannot describe the feeling of being a mother."

At least 200 journalists were waiting to capture the moment. 

La Infanta Leonor, who was born by Caesarean section, is second in line to the throne after her father Crown Prince Felipe, 37.

She was born about six hours after Princess Letizia was admitted to Madrid's Ruber International clinic, accompanied by her husband.

Prince Felipe, who attended two official engagements last week, has said: "She is lovely. But I am not impartial."

La Infanta Leonor will only be queen if the government fulfills election promises and changes the current Constitution.

At present, male succession takes presidence, so if Leonor has any brothers they will be ahead of her in line for the throne, despite the fact she is older.  

Spain's Socialist government, which pledged to change the constitution before it won a shock electoral victory, has said the reform will happen but should not be rushed. 

Prince Felipe married Letizia Ortiz, 33, in May 2004 - shortly after the Madrid train bombings.

The crown prince's romance with Ms Ortiz, a well-known television presenter and a divorcee, had been kept a secret.

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