Six ETA terrorists give evidence in bomb trial

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23 April 2007, MADRID - Six convicted ETA terrorists were appearing as witnesses in the Madrid bombing trial on Monday.

23 April 2007

MADRID - Six convicted ETA terrorists were appearing as witnesses in the Madrid bombing trial on Monday.

The terrorists have been called by lawyers for Jamal Zougam and Basel Ghalyoun, two of the 29 said to have played a leading role in the train bombing in March 2004.

Only one of those called as a witness is not in prison.

Among the Basque separatists to give evidence are Gorka Vidal and Irkus Badillo, who were convicted in February 2007.

Both were detained in February 2004, 11 days before the attacks which killed 191 people and left over 1,800 injured.

It has not been claimed the ETA terrorists were linked to the bomb plot.

Instead, in evidence, an associate of one of the accused said two Basque terrorists, Vidal and Badillo, were 'friends of his'.

Olga Sánchez, prosecutor, has claimed Vidal and Badillo were caught moving explosives towards the capital at the same time as Zougam and two other bombing suspects were taking bomb-making equipment to Madrid to prepare for the attacks.

Days later Emilio Trashorras, the former miner who is said to have sold the bombs to Islamic terrorists, is alleged to have been called by one of the ringleaders of the bomb attacks, Jamal Ahmidan.

Ahmidan said the ETA terrorists were "friends of his", Trashorras claimed.

Meanwhile, ETA terrorists Henri Parot, Harriet Iragi, Fernando Irakula and Jorge García Sertucha were called because their names appeared on papers seized from Abdelkrim Bensmail, an Islamic terrorist in jail elsewhere in Spain.

The imprisoned Islamic radical is due to give evidence this week to the trial.

Bensmail was arrested in 1997 along with other members of the Algerian Islamic Group (GIA) which was led by Alekema Lamari, who killed himself with six others after they were surrounded by police weeks after the Madrid bombings.

Parot was jailed for an attack on a Civil Guard house in Zaragoza in which six adults and five children died. Iragi murdered a mayor in Malaga, José María Martín Carpena, the chief prosecutor, Jose Luis Portero and a colonel,Antonio Muñoz Cariñanos.

Jorge García Sertucha tried to kill King Juan Carlos in 1995 along with ETA terrorist Francisco Rego Vidal.

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