'Severe' drought warning as not enough rain falls

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24 January 2006, MADRID — The drought is still "very severe" and people should carry on saving water, the government warned.

24 January 2006

MADRID — The drought is still "very severe" and people should carry on saving water, the government warned.

Cristina Narbona, environment minister, said in reservoirs and rivers in Júcar, Segura and Guadalquivir in south-east Spain, the situation was still "very severe and very serious".

In the past week, reserves in these areas had only risen by 0.2 percent, she said.

Narbona said the winter rains had not increased water levels "significantly".

On the coastal areas, water reserves stood at only 47 percent of their usual level, compared with the situation in January 2005, before last year's drought.

According to the latest government figures, 122mm of rain had fallen in reserves throughout Spain in the past week. There was now 25,251mm of rain in reservoirs across the country.

But rainfall had still been disappointing across the country, with the highest measured in Bilbao at 21.8mm.

In fact, rainfall was much less than normal at this time of year.

The average was 3.6mm across Spain, compared with 14.5mm – the average since records began in 1930.

The worst affected areas were along the Mediterranean coast, where the hit hardest.  There only 2mm of rain had fallen in the past week, compared with 9.1mm – the average since 1930.

Along Spain's Atlantic coast, the situation was better, with the average rainfall measured at 4.6mm.

But this was still much less than the average for this time of year of 18.1mm.

Only Santa Cruz de Tenerife has the rainfall been higher had that the average.

There was 11mm of rain recorded in the past week, whereas the average since 1930 on the island was 9mm.

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