'Saw VI' to finally screen in Spain after violent scenes cut

2nd August 2010, Comments 0 comments

"Saw VI", which was not screened in Spain after it was slapped with an X rating last year, will finally be released in the country in October, its Spanish distributor said Monday.

A new version of the movie, with the most violent scenes cut out, has received a "not under 18" rating, meaning it can screen at commercial theatres like the previous installments of the franchise, DeAPlaneta said.

It will open across Spain on October 8.

In October 2009 Spain's film institute, a unit of the culture ministry, gave "Saw VI" an X rating, citing its extreme violence, and in effect relegating the film to porn theatres.

It was the first time that the institute's ratings commission awarded an X rating because of violence.

The movie ended up not being released in Spain because of the X rating.

The "Saw" franchise has been very popular in Spain, which has its own flourishing horror film sector.

"Saw III" took over five million euros (6.5 million dollars) at the box office while "Saw IV" and "Saw V" each earned over four million euros each.

"Saw VII", the latest instalment in the franchise which was filmed in 3D, is set to open in the United States on October 29.

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