SOS Child Care in Madrid

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The online childcare service SOSChildCare will help you find the help you need. Sign up before 15 October for a free premium upgrade.

With the flu season forcing parents to take unplanned days off work to care for their children, a new website has emerged offering quality last minute childcare for sick children and other unforeseen occurrences. It’s called SOS Child Care ( is an online finding service for Nannies, Babysitters and Aupairs from around the globe. The website recognises that families and child care providers alike, have varied life circumstances and needs, and makes provisions for all types of care including:

·         Live-in and Live-out Arrangements - for nannies and aupairs
·         Before & After School Care - including school pick-up and drop-off
·         Out-of-Home Care - a stay-at-home parent minds your children from their home
·         Leisure Holidays Assistance - take your nanny on an overseas trip
·         School Holidays cover - short-term appointments coinciding with school timetables
·         Disability, Special Needs or Challenging Behaviors - carers with experience or willing to learn
·         Emergency, Short notice & Sickness Cover - if you or your child is sick
·         Shared Care - split the cost and 9me of a child care provider

Aside from its user-friendliness, what sets this website apart from other comparable services, is the one-of-a-kind Credentials Upload feature, designed with children’s security and quality of care in mind. The feature takes the awkwardness out of checking for credentials by simplifying and automating the process of requesting to review supporting documentation.

The Feedback system reinforces SOS Child Care’s commitment to customer satisfaction, offering members the opportunity to rate and review child care providers they have hired - and in turn, giving child minders a chance to comment on families that they have worked for.

Another break from the standard is the Shared Care option, which parents and carers can opt in or out of. An emerging trend in the world of child minding, Shared Care represents a win-win situation for all parties. Two local families share the time of a child minder and split the costs. The carer charges a slightly higher than average rate to compensate for the extra work, but the overall fee is lower than the combined cost of hiring two nannies. Shared Care can be successfully applied to all types of care including babysitters, nannies and aupairs.

SOS Child Care is FREE to sign up as a Child Carer or to sign up as a Parent and FREE to search profiles. For a limited time, users can sign up FREE and receive a complimentary Premium Membership.

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