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7 December 2004, MADRID - The Spanish Royal family has made a rare complaint about a controversial radio station linked to the Spanish Catholic Church.

7 December 2004

MADRID - The Spanish Royal family has made a rare complaint about a controversial radio station linked to the Spanish Catholic Church.

The Royal household has complained about a programme called 'The morning' presented by a journalist Federico Jiménez Lozanitos on Cope Radio station.

A spokesman for the Royal Family said the programme had broadcast "disrespectful" comments.

But he stressed the Royal household did not want to interfere with the right to press freedom and did not specify what the complaint referred to.

The move comes after the Spanish government complained about, a website which is run by a team of comedians who appear daily on Cope radio with skits that frequently attack the Socialist administration of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

The government complained to the country's Episcopal Conference over the "obscene and humiliating" content of the website that has displayed manipulated photographs of female government ministers.

It did not direct its complaint at the "satirical content" of the site but at a photomontage under the title "The most terrifying poses of the ministers," parodying the appearance of female members of the government in Vogue magazine earlier this year.

On the site, ministers' faces have been superimposed on what the government describes as "especially obscene" photographs of naked women, including some masturbating and displaying their genitalia.

"(The government) demands the removal of this offensive photomontage, which is sexist and vile," and "which is being distributed on the Internet by a team of people working with Cope under the name of Grupo Risa," the statement read.

The communiqué was sent last week to Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, the secretary general of the Episcopal Conference, which funds and manages Cope radio.

Though there are no direct links from the Cope website to, the latter does list the radio station under a links section that also contains the websites of religious organizations and right-wing groups. describes itself as "a forum for web surfers to criticize all the actions of the new government and their effects on the general well-being of our beloved country."

Other pages under the "humour" section include a photomontage of Zapatero, whose face has been imposed on that of a naked man touching his genitalia and supposedly dreaming of people such as Osama Bin Laden, Spanish communist leader Gaspar Llamazares and Catalan separatist leader Josep Lluís Carod Rovira.

Another page contains a list of the names of supposed prostitutes' associations and it states - next to an image of the prime minister - that "contrary to popular opinion, this wretch is not our child."

Other sections of the website are dedicated to jokes about members of the government as well as an online chat that frequently includes strongly worded criticisms of the administration and the Socialist party.

Stressing that the government is not attempting to constrain freedom of speech, the statement requests that the most "obscene" of the photomontages - that of the female ministers - be removed.

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