Road accident death toll cut by almost half

24th July 2006, Comments 0 comments

24 July 2006,

24 July 2006


MADRID – The new points-based driving licence is making Spanish roads safer, judging by the latest figures for fatal crashes.


The Traffic Authorities, the DGT, said 18 people died at the weekend, almost half the figure – 33 in total - from the same time last year


In addition to the fatalities, transport police registered an extra 11 people seriously injured and eight people who were slightly injured.


The figures are the latest to show a fall in fatal traffic accidents since the summer and since the points-based licence was launched on 1 July.


Usually, the summer sees a peak in traffic accidents in Spain as millions drive to holiday destinations.


The Spanish licence operates like similar versions that already exist in Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Luxembourg, where deaths have been cut by up to 40 percent.


Expats from EU countries where these licences exist face losing points on their own licences if they break traffic laws in Spain.


The licence has 12 points which are reduced at different rates for varying offences.


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