Rare animals have more rights than unborn: bishops

17th March 2009, Comments 1 comment

Spain's Catholic Church’s new anti-abortion campaign says more is done to protect endangered species than foetuses.

MADRID – Spain's Catholic Church Monday announced a new anti-abortion campaign that condemns what it said is the better protection offered to threatened species of animals than to the unborn.

The campaign coincides with plans by the Socialist government to liberalise Spain's abortion law, which dates to 1985.

"If many animal species are highly protected, including legally, why do we offer less protection to the lives of humans who are to be born?" said the spokesman for Spain's Episcopal Conference (CEE), Juan Antonio Martinez Camino.

He spoke at a news conference to present the anti-abortion campaign, which will include a "Day of Life" throughout the country on 25 March.

The campaign is illustrated by a poster that shows a baby beside an Iberian lynx cub, a protected species in Spain, on which are the words "Protect the lynx." Above the baby is the caption "And me?" The top of the poster shows pictures of foetuses at various stages of development.

The poster is to be put up at 1,300 sites across the country.

The Socialist government plans to offer greater legal protection for women who wish to have an abortion and doctors who carry out the procedure.

Spain decriminalised abortion in 1985 but only for certain cases: up to 12 weeks of pregnancy after a rape; up to 22 weeks in the case of malformation of the foetus; and at any point if the pregnancy represents a threat to the physical or mental health of the woman.

The majority of abortions in Spain take place in private clinics and are justified on the grounds that the pregnancy posed a "psychological risk" for the health of the woman.

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  • Michael posted:

    on 17th March 2009, 12:28:24 - Reply

    Endangered spepcies of animals should have more protection. Humans are hardly likely to die out because of a few abortions, animals on the other hand might just do so. Whilst we are on the subject of animals, when is Andalucia going to enforce animal protection? The number of maltreated dogs, cats and donkeys I see is beyond belief. Issuing a denuncia leads to all kinds of trouble when you are classed as a 'bad neighbour' so much so that shops refuse to serve you.