"Radical" truckers to protest Monday in Madrid

16th June 2008, Comments 1 comment

Hundreds of mainly self-employed truckers planning to protest on Monday say they do not recognise last week’s agreement between the government and the truckers’ union.

16 June 2008

MADRID - The Interior Ministry deployed Civil Guards and police on the main highways leading to Madrid to hinder the entrance of hundreds of mainly self-employed truckers protesting over skyrocketing gas and diesel prices that had crippled the country last week.

The "small and radical" groups of truckers planning to enter Madrid on Monday are especially unhappy over the lack of government measures to reduce gas and diesel prices. The radicalised group does not recognise the agreement reached last week between the government and the great majority of truckers' unions.

The group that represents self-employed truckers said that the measures to impede their entry to the capital on Monday would not thwart them from staging their protest.

Manuel Núñez García, the president of the radical grouping of truck drivers, gave an ultimatum to meet at 2pm Monday with representatives of the government to find a solution to the impasse. He threatened to launch "random action" to drive home the demands of the truckers.

Meanwhile, in Catalonia 250 truckers said on Sunday that they are ready to go to Madrid to take part in Monday's protest. They said they would travel to Madrid without their trucks to avoid problems with Catalan police authorities.

[El Pais / Expatica]

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  • Clive Palmer posted:

    on 16th June 2008, 15:01:47 - Reply

    Hi, With regard to the agreement between the goverment and the drivers unions, what exactley are the measures that have been offered? no one has mentioned that so far.

    regards Clive