Radical Socialist boss denies being a spy

22nd March 2005, Comments 0 comments

22 March 2005, MADRID-A radical Socialist politician has denied claims he has been working secretly as a spy for the Spanish secret intelligence services since 1992.

22 March 2005

MADRID-A radical Socialist politician has denied claims he has been working secretly as a spy for the Spanish secret intelligence services since 1992.

The right-wing daily El Mundo claimed Fernando Huarte, leader of the Socialist party in Gijon, northern Spain, visited leading Islamic radical Abdelkrim Benesmail in prison while working for the CNI, the Spanish secret services.

The daily claimed Huarte was "highly valued" by the secret services for the information which he gathered about Benesmail, who was linked to Allekema Lamari, considered the brains behind the Madrid bombings in which 191 people were killed and 1,500 injured.

But Huarte, who is known as a maverick in his own party, said: "I flatly deny claims that I am a working for the security services."

Last week Huarte, who is also president of the Palestinian People's Association in Spain, went to visit Benesmail in prison.

He is said to have visited the Islamic radical for "humanitarian reasons".

But after the newspaper claims, a leading member of the Socialist party, Jose Blanco, said that the real reasons for visiting the Benesmail were known to the party.

But Blanco refused to elaborate on his comments at a press conference.

El Mundo had claimed that Huarte's knowledge had been sought by other European countries on occasions.

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