"Psychopath who could kill again" granted weekend leave from jail

6th March 2008, Comments 0 comments

Javier Rosado sentenced in 1994 after killing random stranger

6 March 2008

MADRID - A man who murdered while fulfilling a role-playing fantasy has been granted the right to leave prison at weekends, 14 years after he was handed a 42-year sentence.

Javier Rosado became known as the "role-playing killer" after he and a friend, Félix Martínez, stabbed Carlos Moreno to death, a 52-year-old cleaner who was waiting at a Madrid bus stop on 30 April 1994. The two had been acting out roles in a macabre game that Rosado, then a 21-year-old chemistry student, had invented. Psychologists who spoke at his trial described him as a "psychopath without cure" and warned that "if he is allowed out, he could kill again."

Those same fears about Rosado's psychological health led the prison parole board to deny Rosado's requests to be given special privileges, including being allowed out at weekends, on three occasions over the past year. However, the Madrid Provincial Court, to which Rosado appealed his case, yesterday ruled differently.

Judge Arturo Beltrán Núñez said that Rosado's psychological health had "progressed favourably" in recent years and that he had "made good use" of the few times he had been allowed to leave prison under tight controls. Those occasions included being allowed to sit exams for degrees in mathematics, chemistry and IT engineering, making him the first inmate of a Spanish prison to have obtained three degrees while incarcerated.

Legal experts say that were it not for the widespread panic and alarm caused by the murder committed by Rosado, which placed all participants of role-playing games under media scrutiny, it is probable he would have already been granted parole for good behaviour. His accomplice, who was given a 12-year sentence, is already free.


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