Political divide over ETA peace talks deepens

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16 October 2006, MADRID — The conservative opposition Popular Party threatened to step up its campaign against government plans for talks with ETA.

16 October 2006

MADRID — The conservative opposition Popular Party threatened to step up its campaign against government plans for talks with ETA.

The PP said Spain was about to give in to ETA and pledged to make the issue "a permanent fixture in parliament".

But Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero asked for time for the process to work and said it was not possible to have "new events every day".

The latest breakdown in any form of agreement between the government and the PP on how to approach talks with ETA came after months of frosty relations between Spain's two main parties.

The socialists favour opening up talks with ETA while the PP says until the Basque terrorists give up their armed struggle, no talks can begin.

Ángel Acebes, PP general secretary, said on Monday the prospect of talks with ETA represented a "serious threat to all".

He said his party will have to force the government to explain what is happening in the peace talks, if Madrid will not be more open.

But Zapatero said the peace process must proceed at its own rhythm

ETA declared a permanent ceasefire in March, heralding hopes it had ended its terrorist campaign after 38 years of armed struggle.

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