Polisario urges Spain to be firm on Rabat's "aggression"

16th November 2010, Comments 2 comments

The Polisario Front urged former colonial power Spain Tuesday to adopt a tougher stance against Moroccan "aggression," amid simmering tensions over a deadly raid on a Western Sahara squatter camp.

The independence movement "regrets that neither the (ruling Spanish socialist party) PSOE nor its government has adopted a firm and clear position toward Moroccan aggression against the Sahrawi people," the Polisario said in a statement signed by its foreign affairs chief Mohamed Salem ould-Salek.

It urged Madrid to intervene "to protect Sahrawi citizens and ensure that human rights in Western Sahara are respected," demand Rabat end a blockade on the northwest African territory and ensure journalists and observers are allowed free access there.

Spain has expressed its "preoccupation" and requested Rabat to furnish an explanation for a deadly raid by Moroccan police last week on a camp housing thousands of Sahrawis outside the Western Sahara town of Laayoune.

The Polisario and Rabat have offered starkly conflicting casualty figures following the November 8 clashes that took place hours before a new round of peace talks between the two sides near New York.

Morocco has said that 12 people died in clashes between protesters and the police, including 10 members of its security forces.

By contrast, the Polisario said dozens of people died and more than 4,500 were wounded in the violence.

On Monday, Morocco's Interior Minister Taieb Cherkaoui defended the actions of its security forces against what he said were "barbarous acts."

For its part, the Polisario said it would withdraw from the peace talks if the UN Security Council does not investigate the raid.

Meanwhile, a Spanish human rights group said it would file a court case against Rabat over the raid and the death of a Spanish national of Western Saharan descent.

Spain's foreign ministry has asked that Morocco explain the death.

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  • sahrawi origin posted:

    on 17th November 2010, 23:26:14 - Reply

    What happens was that a camp was illegally set up and a group of people from Algeria who were in the camp used the free democracy in Morocco to cause trouble. they were well known to the police to be criminals with criminal records and still free to wonder with no problems unlike in Tindoof Algeria where innocents can not even speak. These criminals caused so much damage to public property and death to 11 Moroccan Police including one of the ambulance worker. The video was given to the UN and the Un found no problem with the Moroccan story. the sad thing is the Polisario(Algeria gangs) used 2 photos to mislead the public with the help of Spanish media who have no shame. one of children who were killed in Gaza under the atrocities of the Zionist state of Israel which happened in 2006 and another picture of a family who were killed by a mental patient who killed his own family in Casablanca 2010. the people who were victims of this gross intended propaganda by the Spanish media have already issued legal summons against the media. the question we should all ask ourselves is this: Morocco was a country from Tangier to north of senegal including Mauritania and the 2 evil colonial countries(spain and France ) were the cause of this division. so my question is which country did these people belong to before 1838?.
    Finally Moroccan sahara will always remain Moroccan. any creation new mini state next to Sahel will only be a refuge for Al Qaeeda.
    A sahrawi origin from Morocan sahara living in the Uk
  • moe posted:

    on 16th November 2010, 17:30:05 - Reply

    this was no peaceful demonstration,this was a proxy-provocation by polisario,look how the unarmed security men were slaughterd,like goats,and you will understand how serious ths danger of this proxy-cell is.

    sanish propaganda with clear lies