'Playing Card Killer' is dealt 142-year sentence

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9 March 2005, MADRID-A former soldier called the 'Playing Card Killer' has been jailed for 142 years for shooting dead six people in cold blood.

9 March 2005

MADRID-A former soldier called the 'Playing Card Killer' has been jailed for 142 years for  shooting dead six people in cold blood.

Alfredo Galán Sotillo carried out the killings, and three attempted murders- then left a playing card after each murder.

As Galan's cold-blooded murder of six people was related to the court, the trial has gripped Spain.

Judges at the Audiencia Nacional, Spain's supreme court jailed Galan for 142, after he was found guilty of six murders and three attempted murders.

He had denied the charges.

The 26-year-old, who gave himself up to police in July last year in Puertollano, near Cuidad Real, is said to have confessed to all the crimes, though later withdrew this alleged confession.

He told a judge at a later hearing that he was innocent of the murders in the first few months of 2003.

Galan started his killing spree on 24 January 2003, when he left his home in Alcalá de Henares, a town outside Madrid, and drove into the city armed with a 7.6mm Tokarev pistol.

He decided to kill the first person he came across when the moment was right.

Galan forced his way into the home of Juan Francisco L.L., (whose full name was not given in court) and his two-year-old son.

He shot the father in the head and afterwards attempted to hide the body.

Later on 5 February, at a bus stop in Alameda de Osuna, he shot dead Juan Carlos M.E.

On the same day, Galan went into a bar in Alcalá de Henares, where he shot dead Mikel J.S., who was the son of the owner, and Juana Dolores U.L., who happened to be drinking there at the time.

He fired three shots at a man named only as T.S.G, who survived, despite being hit in the back, leg and arm.

Then on 7 March, Galan drove to a nearby area called Tres Cantos, where he shot a woman named as S.E.S.E., who also survived and is under protection.

She later identified Galan as the man who left her for dead.

On 18 March, Galan shot dead two Romanians, named as Gheorghie M. And  Doina M.

No motive has emerged for the alleged murders, but after each one he is left a playing card as a bizarre 'calling card'.

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