Old boys’ network rife in Spanish universities

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28 July 2006,

28 July 2006


MADRID – An eminent group of scientists and university professors say Spain’s top university jobs are assigned through nepotism.


In a manifesto, they denounce the system which selects university professors as “a network of favour-swapping between professors”.


“Unfortunately, in our country university professors are selected too frequently by procedures which are not transparent enough where nepotism and the use of contacts are more important than research and teaching”, stated the manifesto.


The 13 who signed the manifesto – among them highly reputed scientists such as Miguel Delibes de Castro, Fernando Hiraldo and Joaquin Hiraldo – claim selection commissions are paying little attention to objective international standards of the quality of candidates.


The group points out that there is a test which can be applied to candidates called the impact index which relates to the publication of research in the best international journals.


They gave the example of one case where a professorship in animal production was awarded in the veterinary science department of Complutense University in Madrid. The candidate with the highest impact index was the least-voted by the panel out of all the CVs, even though the candidate had 119 compared to the most-supported candidate who had 26.


The selection panel was led by a tribunal president with an impact score of 4.4 and the secondary judge had not had a single article published in a relevant journal.


The manifesto group warns a planned reform to university law in Spain could fail unless university selection panels are made to work transparently.


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