“Odyssey must reveal locations of sea treasure”

11th January 2008, Comments 0 comments

A US federal judge yesterday ordered Odyssey Marine Exploration to give Spain all information on three shipwrecks.

11 January 2008

MADRID - A US federal judge yesterday ordered Odyssey Marine Exploration to give the Spanish government all information, including the location and cargo, of three shipwrecks found in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

At a hearing in Tampa, Florida, US District Court Magistrate Mark Pizzo also ordered both sides to appear at a 5 March hearing to ensure that Spain is satisfied with the information it eventually receives from Odyssey.

The US treasure-hunting firm had declined to give the Spanish government any information concerning the shipwrecks, arguing that it was still working on assessing the values of the discoveries and identifying the nationalities of the ships. However, if they were ordered to do so, Odyssey lawyers asked the judge to demand that Spain keep the locations confidential. Both the government and the company have been engaged in a fiery battle over the claims ever since Odyssey announced on 18 May that it discovered 500,000 gold and silver coins from a shipwreck somewhere in the Atlantic.

"The Culture Ministry has not authorised any archaeological activity in Spanish waters or on Spanish treasures," the ministry reiterated in a statement on Thursday.

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