No show for Córdoba's famous Mezquita

8th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

Bishop slams city hall’s plans to project images of Arab knights in sound-and-light show at the cathedral.

8 May 2008

SEVILLE - Months after refusing to let Muslims pray in Córdoba's famous Mezquita, a mosque converted into a Catholic Cathedral in the 13th century, Juan José Asenjo, the bishop of the Andalusian city, has also showed an aversion to a little light nighttime entertainment.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Asenjo slammed Córdoba city hall's plans to put on a sound-and-light show at the temple, arguing that it would "pervert the true identity of the cathedral as a Christian temple".

Under a 2006 agreement, the bishop allowed the City Hall to add lights and "music fitting for the temple".

However, he argued yesterday that it cannot "project images of Arab knights" onto the Mezquita's walls as City Hall was reportedly planning to do in the historical show. A request to allow Muslim prayer in the Mezquita was turned down in 2007.

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