New kidney transplant system to be launched

24th June 2008, Comments 0 comments

The new system will improve the chances of finding new kidney from compatible live donors.

24 June 2008

BARCELONA - The National Transplant Organisation (ONT) has announced that it wants to introduce a new system aimed at improving the chances of those in need of a new kidney of finding a live donor.

The system, which could be in place by 2009, would address the problem of compatibility, allowing a patient who has found a donor but is not compatible with him or her to swap with another patient in a similar situation.

The measures would allow Spain to increase its rates of transplants from live donors. Although the country is the world leader in donations from corpses, it is way down the list in terms of live donors.

In 2007, just 6.2 percent of Spanish transplants used organs from a live donor, less than half of the European average. With the new plan the ONT hopes to reach this average figure within a few years.

"The results with a live donor are better," said Rafael Matesanz yesterday, the president of the ONT. "It avoids the need for the patient to undergo dialysis, which sees a deterioration in health.

Another problem is the reduction in the number of organs from young corpses, which have fallen due to a drop in traffic accidents."

[El Pais / Monica L. Ferrado / Expatica]

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