Nadal’s win lightens up day for Spain

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Rafa Nadal's singles victory on the tennis court, women's basketball and men's field hockey keep Spain’s spirits up.

14 August 2008

MADRID - Along with Rafa Nadal's singles victory on the tennis court, women's basketball, men's field hockey brought Spain Olympic wins on a day when the nation's athletes came up short in several events.

The women's basketball team improved its record to 2-1 after beating the Czech Republic 74-55. The win puts Evarista Pérez's group one step closer to a semi-final berth.

In men's field hockey, Santi Freixa scored the winning goal against New Zealand (1-0) with six seconds remaining to give the side its second straight victory.

"A goal like that, against a rival like New Zealand, has made my dreams come true," Freixa said.

Contador falls short
In cycling, 2007 Tour de France champion Alberto Contador came up only eight seconds short of a bronze medal in the time trial, won by Switzerland's Fabian Cancellara. Samuel Sánchez, gold medal winner in the road race, finished sixth.

In the women's time trial, Marta Vilajosana, last-minute substitute for Maribel Moreno, who was caught doping at the start of the Olympics, finished 19th.

In judo, Leire Iglesias just missed the podium after losing her bout for third place to the Netherlands' Edith Bosch after winning three previous bouts on the day in the -70 kilo category. Iglesias admitted that she was overmatched by the former silver medalist's height and reach, jokingly calling her "a bit of a beast".

Spain's medal aspirations were also cut short Wednesday in archery, men's tennis doubles, fencing, shooting, boxing and women's table tennis.

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