Most singletons race to find their ideal partner

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9 June 2005, MADRID — Spanish singletons try and find their 'ideal partner' as soon as possible, a new survey has found.

9 June 2005

MADRID — Spanish singletons try and find their 'ideal partner' as soon as possible, a new survey has found.

They plan out their pursuit of a mate in the same way as they look for a new job or plan what they will do with their free time.

These "strategic singletons" are well-organised in the way they carefully plan their dates and even make a list of what they want from the people they go out with.

An internet survey carried out by the lonely-hearts company and a British sociological institute questioned 2,500 people in Spain, the UK, France, Germany and Sweden.

Four Spanish psychologists took part in assessing the answers to the questions.

Sonia Fernandez, director of Spain, explained that 75 percent of men and 72 percent of women believe that "life in made to be lived in as a couple".

She said 85 percent look for a lasting relationship as opposed to the sexual experimentation more common in the 1990s.

With the rise in the divorce rate, many are over 40 and are keen to start a more liberal relationship, free from long-term commitment and catch up on what they missed out on earlier in their lives.

Most of those questioned said they were not looking for someone different, but with the same basic ideas about life,  desires and goals

But this "new romanticism" does not consist of a candle-lit meal or a bunch of flowers.

Instead, it may mean shared experiences, travel or the same way of thinking.

And women do not need to marry to find economic security or to make a family.

Indeed, men are more insecure about where their lives are going.

The image of a "submissive, complacent husband who helps in the housework" is still alive.

A quarter of those between 16-59 live together unmarried.

There are an increasing number of singletons or single-parents.

Half the Spaniards questioned would not forgive infidelity, though 13 percent of women and 25 percent of men could forget the occasional flirt by their partners.

Most saw monogamy as fundamental to love and commitment.

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