Mafia boss dubbed 'invisible man' is extradited

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12 June 2006, MADRID — Police extradited a Georgian mafia boss known as "the invisible man" from Dubai to Spain.

12 June 2006

MADRID — Police extradited a Georgian mafia boss known as "the invisible man" from Dubai to Spain.

Zajar Knyazevich Kalashov, who picked up the nickname because he never let himself be seen in public and there were almost no photos of him, was brought to Spain on board a military aircraft.

Kalashov fled Spain in June 2005 after police mounted Operation Wasp along the Mediterranean coast against organized criminal gangs from Eastern Europe.

Authorities carried out a total of 41 raids during the operation, blocked some 800 bank accounts and seized numerous properties along the Spanish coast, along with 42 luxury vehicles.

Kalashov, a nationalized Russian and considered to be a highly dangerous man who held a dominant position among the remaining chiefs of criminal organizations from the former USSR, took control of the so-called "vor z konen" (Russian mafia bosses) during the 1990s.

The security services of the United Arab Emirates, where Dubai is located, arrested Kalashov at the request of Spanish police in May  and agreed to turn him over to Madrid because he had been implicated in various crimes of illicit association and asset laundering.

The director-general of the Spanish police, Victor Garcia Hidalgo, said that "the feeling of impunity that these mafias had has completely disappeared" given the extension of the effects of Operation Wasp to the Emirates.

Garcia Hidalgo thanked the police forces of France, Germany and the United States for their cooperation and emphasized the continuing exchange of information between the Spanish and Russian police in the case.

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