Madrid bombing suspect to be extradited from UK

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17 November 2005, LONDON — A man suspected of involvement in the Madrid bombings is to be extradited to Spain from Britain.

17 November 2005

LONDON — A man suspected of involvement in the Madrid bombings is to be extradited to Spain from Britain.

Moutaz Almallah Dabas, 39, will go in the next 10 days, a district judge at Bow Street magistrates court in London said.

The 2004 attacks on rush-hour trains in Madrid left 191 dead, and dozens of suspected Islamist extremists have been detained in Spain since, the BBC reported.

A Moroccan cell with al-Qaeda links claimed responsibility, and most arrests have been of Moroccans.

Dabas, a Spaniard, was arrested in Slough, Berkshire, in March on a European extradition warrant.

The arrest came a day after police in Spain held his brother Mohannad, a Syrian.

The Spanish interior ministry accuses the pair of involvement in the running of a flat where extremists were recruited.

Investigators allege some of those behind the bombings were present at meetings.

In a written copy of the judgment, District Judge Anthony Evans said: "The alleged facts are that between 2000 and 12 March 2004 the defendant was responsible for providing support and accommodation in Madrid for Islamic terrorist.

"Some of the people whom he assisted were responsible for the Madrid bombings of 11 March 2004, in particular, a close associate of the defendant Sarhene Ben Abdelmajid Fakhet committed suicide along with six others when cornered by the police in April 2004."

Dabas' legal team had said that his human rights could be breached by the extradition, arguing it was possible he could be held in a subterranean cell with no natural light, not be allowed to bathe and be completely confined to his cell.

They also said it was possible he could be expelled from Spain to Syria where he could be mistreated.

But Evans said there was no proof that his rights would be breached.

He added: "In any event he will have the right to apply to the Spanish Constitution Court and ultimately to Strasbourg.

"No complaint appears to have been made in respect of his co-suspects that their rights have been violated."

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