Machete gang kidnaps boy in front of mother

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13 June 2006, MURCIA — A boy of 10 was kidnapped for ransom by a gang of three armed with machetes.

13 June 2006

MURCIA — A boy of 10 was kidnapped for ransom by a gang of three armed with machetes.

The parents of the boy paid EUR 50,000 to have the child released.

He was later freed unharmed and three people have been arrested in connection with the alleged kidnapping.

The father of the child, Antonio Hernández Cuevas, who owns a firm in Murcia called Estructuras y Ferrallas El Molino, said his son was kidnapped from the company offices on Monday.

The kidnapping happened when Hernández went to the bank with a friend to withdraw EUR 20,000 to pay his workers.

While he was in the bank, the three men had broken into the offices and demanded a "brown envelope" full of cash.

His wife, who was at the office with her sick son, said she did not have any cash.

The kidnappers tied her up and took the child in a van.

The gang took the wife's mobile and made a series of calls to the father, demanding the cash "or we are going to kill him".

After six or seven calls, the father managed to talk to his son and calm him down.

Hernández, who said he did not want the police involved, paid EUR 50,000 in cash when he met with the kidnappers in a small country village, Avileses.

Two hours later, the boy was released.

He was shocked but unharmed.

Despite three arrests, no cash has been recovered.

It is the second time in recent months that armed gangs have taken to kidnapping for money.

Police have said well-organised gangs from Eastern Europe are responsible.

But on this occasion, it was believed this group were Moroccans.

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