Lorca's body to be exhumed within 3 weeks

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Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca could be recovered from a mass grave, says experts working on exhumation of Spanish civil war mass graves.

27 October 2008

MADRID / GRANADA - The body of Civil War-era Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca could be recovered from a mass grave near the southern city of Granada within around three weeks, experts said at the weekend after High Court Judge Baltasar Garzón formally authorised the exhumation.

Led by Francisco Gonzalez, the head of the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory of Granada, a team of historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and geneticists visited two possible grave sites on Friday where Lorca is thought to have been buried along with a school teacher and two anarchist bullfighters following their execution by Franco's forces in 1936.

Gonzalez said the team members believe they could be "opening Lorca's grave between 15 and 18 November." Their work will be overseen by Granada court Judge Maria de los Angeles Jimenez Munoz.

Taking geological surveys of the site will be the first step toward determining where to dig first. The experts suspect that an area known as El Caracolar is the most likely gravesite, due to depressions in the ground.

It was indicated as Lorca's burial site by a chef who worked at a nearby mansion where the poet and other prisoners were held and tortured. A little over 400 meters away is the other possible grave site, found by Irish Hispanist Ian Gibson more than 30 years ago.

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