Learn Spanish and discover Spain: the Don Quijote Spanish School experience (sponsored contribution)

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Don Quijote has been teaching Spanish 1986 and more than 125.000 students have learned, enjoyed and lived a full Spanish experience by following Don Quijote's courses.

The Spanish language is fast becoming the most useful second language to speak in the world. Since the founding of its first school in 1986, don Quijote has worked towards one goal: to provide students a true “immersion” experience in every sense of the word. Studying abroad with don Quijote, in Spain or Latin America, means it’s all Spanish, all the time!

Don Quijote’s philosophy focuses on the cultural immersion of its students. To learn a language, it is imperative to be in an environment where the language is used.  Don Quijote offers the best selection of destinations in the Spanish-speaking world in order to provide the results its students are looking to achieve. In Spain, Don Quijote has schools in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Valencia and Tenerife as well as Guanajuato in Mexico. These establishments will welcome you and give you a real-life Spanish experience. Don Quijote schools strive to transform our classrooms into lively, interactive spaces by mixing a variety of tasks and activities. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start communicating!

Whether you’re interested in increasing your performance in business or just easing into life in a beautiful Spanish city, Don Quijote has a bespoke course to suit your needs. If you are a professional, take advantage of don Quijote’s specially- designed courses for a complete Medical vocabulary, Business Spanish or Spanish for tourist. Don Quijote offers you a flexible schedule to combine your classes with your business agenda.


To learn more about how to enjoy a Spanish experience just follow this link.

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