Key points from ETA's ceasefire announcement

5th September 2010, Comments 0 comments

These are the main points of the ceasefire statement from Basque separatist group ETA, made in a video first posted by the BBC and translated into Spanish by the Basque separatist newspaper Gara.

"ETA is making it known that several months ago it took the decision not to carry out offensive military actions," said the statement.

"ETA reaffirms its commitment to a democratic solution... by which, through dialogue and negotiation, we Basque citizens can decide our future in a free and democratic way.

"If the government of Spain is willing, ETA is ready today -- as it was yesterday -- to agree on the democratic minimums necessary to launch the democratic process.

"This we have also made known to the international community.

"We appeal to them to shoulder their historical responsibility towards the commitment and willingness of ETA, by playing their part in working out a lasting, just and democratic solution to this secular political conflict..."

"... the hour had come for the Basque people to make a political change, the time to build for 'Euskal Herria' (the Basque Country) the democratic framework, reflecting the wishes of the majority of Basque citizens.

"The Spanish state is concious that 'Euskal Herria' is at a crossroads and that it can still go for the option of independence...

"Political change is possible. But there are no shortcuts along that road... In that struggle, ETA's hand always has and always will be stretched out."

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