In Barcelona: The great voyages of Zheng He

19th May 2009, Comments 0 comments

Discover how the Chinese expanded across the Indian Ocean in the 15th century in this exhibition.

An exhibition on China’s 15th century expansion across the Indian Ocean shows the voyages of discovery made by admiral and explorer Zheng He.

Among the objects on show are models of the sailing ships, navigation instruments, Ming dynasty porcelain, stones, printed maps and tales of Zheng He's voyages. Visitors who want to learn more about the key figures and the commercial routes from this period can get complimentary audiovisual material and animated maps.

One of the expeditions that sailed the Indian Ocean during a 30-year period was made up of 255 large Chinese ships manned by 27,000 sailors.
It was led by Zheng He San Bao, a eunuch sent by Chinese Emperor Yongle to explore the ocean and who was one of the brains behind China's maritime expansion.

The Great Voyages of Zheng He
14 May 2009 till 31 May 2009
Location: Barcelona, Museu Maritim de Barcelona

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