Expats Cooking Club meets on 26 September

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If you love to know more about the Spanish gastronomy, join the Expats Cooking Club in Madrid on Friday, 26 September 2008

The Expats Cooking Club in Madrid will hold a meeting on 26 September 2008 where native English-speakers who wish to develop their knowledge of Spanish gastronomy will gather together.

Each meeting would be dedicated to a different Spanish dish and participants will prepare the recipes and savour them after they are done.

On 26 September, the Expats Cooking Club of La cocina de Babette will dedicate the evening to the famous Castilian tapa, patatas bravas.

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to eat the real McCoy at a bar in Madrid, or anywhere else for that matter. Often reheated, rarely with a homemade sauce, patatas bravas are suffering and there'll be few expats that have had the pleasure of savouring them at their best. 

The Expats Cooking Club will disclose its secrets, touch upon the magic of a potato properly fried and learn to make a most delicious sauce, one infinitely superior to the stuff that comes out of a bottle.

The club will also discuss the ingredient list so that you can go home knowing the best raw materials to use and where to find them.

Names of the best places to have this mouth-watering tapa in Madrid when you feel like leaving the stove behind for an evening of tapeo under the Capital's sky will also be given

The workshop includes the handbook Babette's Bravas and organic beer to have with the potatoes. We will also let you try some of the culinary experiments of Babette's workshops. We always endeavour to use organic produce.

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