EU report condemns Spain’s urban expansion

12th April 2007, Comments 0 comments

12 April 2007, BRUSSELS - A European parliament report condemned Spain’s urban over-development, including the notorious ‘land-grab’ law.

12 April 2007

BRUSSELS  - A European parliament report condemned  Spain’s urban over-development, including the notorious ‘land-grab’ law.

The report, written by the petitions’ committee after visits from its members to Madrid, Valencia and Almeria, said Spain must do more to “recognize the legitimate property rights of individuals and prohibit the abuse of property rights by regional and local authorities”.

Spain has faced continued pressure from Brussels over claims that developers and public authorities have abused land laws to seize homes and property in order to make way for massive residential projects.

The authors of the project suggest that such actions violate EU law.

Authorities in Valencia have denied the allegations as have a number of developers.

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