"ETA has lost initiative," claims anti-terror report

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Basque group has made series of errors since end of truce

18 February 2008

MADRID - Basque terrorist group ETA has grown increasingly disorganised and careless as police have tightened the noose around its activities in both Spain and France in recent months, a new report by Spanish counterterrorism officials concludes.

The report, a copy of which has been obtained by EL PAÍS, lists a series of mistakes and flights of panic by ETA members since the group broke a ceasefire in December 2006 by killing two people with a car bomb in a parking garage of Madrid's Barajas Airport. "ETA is very weak and has lost the initiative," the document states.

The arrest on Friday of two of the four ETA members accused of perpetrating the Barajas bombing marks the latest blow to the group after more than a year in which its attempts to commit a fatal bombing in Spain have failed. Would-be bombers repeatedly fled when confronted with police checkpoints, cars loaded with explosives were abandoned in fields and members in hiding in France repeatedly let down their guard, allowing French and Spanish counterterrorism teams to crack open safe houses.

Officials also note that members are being arrested at record speed.

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