ETA carries out third bombing in week

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23 October 2004, SAN SEBASTIAN - The Basque terrorist group ETA carried out Saturday its third bomb attack in less than a week.

23 October 2004

SAN SEBASTIAN - The Basque terrorist group ETA carried out Saturday its third bomb attack in less than a week.

The bomb, weighing 1kg, caused serious damage to the offices of an estate agent in San Sebastian early Saturday morning.

But the Basque Interior Ministry said there were no injuries.

It came after a similar attack on another estate agent Friday.

In that attack, the bomb went off at about 5am and caused serious damage to the front of the office. A car parked nearby was also damaged.

The remains of the device, which had a timer, was being examined by experts.

The blast comes six days after the last ETA attack on Saturday, when a 1.5kg bomb went off in front off another estate agent's office in the same city.

The Basque regional government expressed its "condemnation and repulsion" for the bombing.

ETA is thought to be targeting estate agents who are selling properties in the Basque Country to Spaniards or foreigners.

The Basque terrorist group suffered its most serious setback for 12 years earlier this month when its political leader and his partner, who was the head of armed operations, were both arrested along with 15 others in France.

Important arms dumps containing Sam-7 ground-to-air missiles were seized along with a cache of other weapons and large amounts of cash.

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