Companies blame each other for Barcelona blackout

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Electricity company Fecsa-Endesa and Red Electrica de Espana blame each other for Barcelona blackout

26 July 2007

BARCELONA – Electricity company Fecsa-Endesa and Red Electrica de Espana, which
manages electricity networks, were on Thursday blaming each other for Barcelona’s
blackout as the government said most of the city had power again.

Fecsa-Endesa said it had warned Red Electrica that it had detected voltage
variations in the main power station affected on Sunday, before the short-circuiting
which plunged the city into chaos.

But Red Electrica said Fecsa-Endesa was to blame for the accident and "not even the
strongest network in the world" could have avoided what happened.

The resulting problems at various power stations in Barcelona have affected 350,000

Businesses and households want to know who will compensate them for lost goods and

Since Monday, the Spanish army has helped set up generators to deliver temporary
electricity to the city while repairs to the network have continued.

Spain’s industry minister Joan Clos said most homes and companies in Barcelona now
had electricity but the network now needed to be properly repaired.

"That’s going to take time and we intend it to be done as quickly as possible with
the aim that the best quality supply possible is guaranteed", he said.

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