Civil War letter finally arrives 67 years late

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8 April 2005, SAN SEBASTIAN-If not the last letter on the Spanish Civil War, it is quite possibly the latest.

8 April 2005

SAN SEBASTIAN-If not the last letter on the Spanish Civil War, it is quite possibly the latest.

A Spanish Civil War widow has finally received a letter from her late husband - sent 67 years ago.

Anastasio Maqueda was only 21 when he wrote to his wife Amadora Morales in June 1937 but the card never arrived...until now.

The Spanish daily El Pais reported how Morales finally received the card at her home in the small town of El Real de San Vicente, near Toledo, south of Madrid.

In April 1937 Franco's army had been recruiting in this part of Spain and Maqueda and a childhood friend joined up with the 55th Light Artillery Division.
After two months in the trenches Maqueda and his friend decided to desert to the Republican army.

But just four days before he deserted, he wrote to his wife in code to say: "When you write to Ignacio, you write to me."
It appeared that Maqueda felt sure that his wife would understand the coded-message, when she got the letter.

But of course she never did.

Maqueda joined up the Republican army but after its defeat by Franco's forces, and the end of the Spanish civil war he tried to returned to village life.

He was detained and condemned to death for desertion.

His life was spared but he had to undergo years of reprisals, including prison, for his actions during the war.

Maqueda returned to live with his wife and they had one daughter together.

During the war, Maqueda's letter had been intercepted by the post office and sent as evidence to the Francoist military archives.

Sixty-seven years later, the journalist Pedro Corral, author of the book 'If you want to write to me' about the war, found the card.

He tracked down Morales, who said her late husband never spoke of the card letter, which featured a picture of him with two colleagues.

But she broke down as she finally read the card which started: "My dear wife, I hope this card finds you well."

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