Briton who 'ate girlfriend' to stand trial for murder

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12 June 2007, ALICANTE - A Briton who claimed to have killed and eaten his former girlfriend is to stand trial for murder.

12 June 2007

ALICANTE - A Briton who claimed to have killed and eaten his former girlfriend is to stand trial for murder.

Paul Durant, 47, a convicted armed robber from East London, UK, will be tried in November for the killing of Karen Durrell, from Ilford, Essex, UK.

Durant, a heroin addict, confessed to killing Durrell, a divorced mother of two, and then eating some of her remains, soon after his arrest three years ago.

He will be tried by a panel of three judges at a courthouse in Alicante, southeast Spain, and faces more than 20 years in prison if convicted. Only a last-minute formal guilty plea will stop the trial going ahead.

A court spokesman said: "Durant’s trial is scheduled for November 8. He is being tried on three counts of murder, burglary and theft."

In letters sent to a British newspaper, Durant said that he was driven to killing and eating Ms Durrell by voices emanating from his television.

"After I killed her, I cut her body into small parts, eating what parts of her I found eatable. I finally disposed of what was left in small rubbish bags.

"Before I killed Karen, I told her I had come to Spain where I was going to kill and eat paedophiles.

"My mental state was breaking down at this stage – I believed God had delivered her to me and I was getting messages from the telly. I believe she knew she had to die," he said.

Confessing to another two murders in Britain in another letter, he added: "One I just blasted in the head with a shotgun after the bloke who wanted his family done directed me.

"And the bloke who abused me as a kid – he was an old man and probably happy to die after I terrorised him, eventually causing his death."

Investigators spent weeks searching bins and rubbish heaps near Ms Durrell’s home in the Costa Blanca resort of Calpe, 15 miles east of Benidorm. They failed to find a body but did identify a bloodstained suitcase belonging to Ms Durrell.

They also found blood in her bath, bloodstained knives and a saw with traces of flesh on it, after forcing the door of her third-floor flat. Durant was convicted for a string of armed robberies on security vans in England in the 1980s and 1990s.

He fled to Spain after being arrested for an attempted armed robbery on a security van in London before Christmas 2003. He escaped from police guards during a hospital visit and left the country on a false passport.

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